Everyone loves a good social life…

including your business!

These days being social means more than boring old posts about offers and events! We can increase likes, shares but most of all interactions. Whether it’s hosting weekly competitions to making funny or controversial memes we have the skills to make your business more likable.

Millions of Views …yep millions!

As a test of our social media skills we posted a video of our boss’s daughter taking about boke, to date that post alone has had over 1 million views! Ack everyone loves cutes kids we thought, so we staged a robbery, the great mirror robbery of 2017. You may have heard of it? No? Where have you been??? It has had over 100,000 views, shares and has been featured on radio stations, Online News Outlets and the Daily Mirror. You see it’s not just what you post it’s about knowing what people respond to.

Are you in?

Then let’s get to work!


Everyone loves to be liked, but if you have trouble getting the likes your business deserves, let us help. With packages starting at £20.00 per week we can get you back on track… Something your competitors will not like. and everyone loves unhappy competitors!


In the world of social media timing is everything! What time does your audience surf the web? Are the likely to be on Facebook while love Island is on telly? do they sneak on Instagram when the boss isn’t watching? These are all questions we will find the answers to.


We don’t get you noticed, we don’t just get you liked we also give you reports on everything from location to age and other vital reports on how your social activity is preforming. Sign up today and get your monthly reports in the post, in an email or in a text message!

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